What is syndication and how does it work?


Do you feel like you reached your professional growth? Do you feel you are no longer moving anywhere? If so, then this is a good time for you to start investing in startups. It is the best way to support the next generation. In addition, the startup world is extremely interesting. You can see new technologies and meet incredibly smart startup founders with a huge motivation and desire to change something. One way how to invest is through a syndicate. It's a great way to invest a smaller amount, so you can afford to invest in more startups and diversify investment risk. If you want to find out more about syndication and its benefits keep reading.

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The most important things you should know about angel investing

DEPO Ventures, Angel investing

Angel investing is undoubtedly one of the interesting ways to invest but it's not for everyone. To become an angel investor, first, you must have a correctly set "mindset". You need to be ready for the fact that investing in VC is highly risky and you can quickly lose your investment. On the other hand, you can help with your money, time, experience, and contacts, thus reducing the risk of failure of a given startup and you can participate in new technology development and the future. Does it feel like an exciting roller coaster ride? For sure, it is. Read the most important things you need to know about angel investing.

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The popularity of video content is still growing. DEPO Ventures is investing in South African Pulse

Damien Schumann, CEO of Pulse

Startup Pulse from Cape Town wants to change established habits in the field of streaming. Their goal is to transfer the experience of streaming e-sports to outdoor sports (similar to Twitch platform). Pulse wants to enable athletes to bring live broadcasts of their performances, in the so-called POV mode, ie point of view, where the viewer sees a shot from a first-person perspective. Currently, they are receiving a total investment of 275,000 euros, with 75,000 euros invested by Grouport, part of DEPO Ventures, and 200,000 euros invested by Vunani Capital and a syndication of angel investors, including Přemysl Trojan, a Czech investor living in Cape Town. Pulse wants to raise a total of 500,000 euros in this round, which plans to use to grow the team and complete tools for content creators.

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Grouport made another investment. This time it's advanced technology in the field of computer vision

Yaron Raz, Founder of Neuronix

The angel investor fund Grouport, which is part of the DEPO Ventures investment group, invested units of millions of crowns in Neuronix AI. The investment will help the startup at an early stage to become a leader in computer vision by 2025, through an application that brings unique artificial intelligence technology in the field of AI hardware acceleration.

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Research of business angels in the Czech Republic 2020

Depo ventures, Research of business angels in the Czech Republic 2020

Financing from business angels is critical to the success of early-stage startups. Recent estimates suggest that Czech Republic has been below the other countries in Europe in terms of both the number of business angels and amount of the investments. Many details about Czech business angels have escaped public knowledge. To put it simply, there is a lack of knowledge on investment opportunities of Czech business angels.

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