Fintech attracts angel investors as well as traditional banks. Join us for an online event

Large banks can easily lose their drive. They have long since discovered that their development is not enough and started to look for innovations in the startup world. Fintech is one of the most popular areas where investors put their investments. According to the current DEPO Angels survey, 49 percent of angel investors prefer it. And it is for these reasons, the DEPO Ventures investment group is organizing an online event at which it will present carefully selected startups focused on financial technologies and decentralized finance.


Estonian startup DriveX helps to solve insurance claims and prevent fraud

Insurance is one of the most conservative fields and digitization in it has always been very slow due to regulation. However, this has started to change in recent years. The Estonian startup DriveX is developing a technology that uses artificial intelligence to automate the verification of motor vehicles and can detect any damage. It simplifies and speeds up claims, helps prevent insurance fraud, and can save insurance companies billions. The company has now raised $ 1 million from thirty-seven angel investors from Estonia, Czech DEPO Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures from Silicon Valley, Startup Wise Guide, and Fund Fellow Founders.

Business Angels in The Czech Republic Research 2021 just came out!

Business Angels in The Czech Republic Research 2021 just came out!

Angel investors do not lose the desire to continue investing. About a quarter of them intend to significantly increase the amount of venture capital this year. Half want to invest a similar amount of funds in startups at an early stage of development as last year. In addition, they are proving to be gradually increasing the frequency of their investments.


Petr Šíma: It's time to start making huge investments in defense technology

It's been a few weeks since Russian military planes, tanks, armored vehicles, and cannons invaded Ukraine. And many people in Europe have their eyes opened. They began to help the Ukrainians, sending money to buy weapons and other military equipment. The war near us could also awaken venture capital investments in weapons or defense technologies. For example, investing in defense technology now makes more sense than buying other real estate.

Reverse Pitch

Investors will introduce themselves to startups.The Reverse Pitch helps founders choose the best one

Starting a business is always difficult. Without the right business contacts, it is almost impossible to break through. The international syndicate of angel investors DEPO Angels from the DEPO Ventures group will therefore organize a Reverse Pitch event at the end of March, which will help connect startups with investors. Start-up entrepreneurs will be able to expand their network of contacts. While startups will be introduced to dozens of angel investors from Central Europe and the Baltic countries, this works out for investors who will be able to find new investment opportunities.

Andre  Dravecky

Andre Dravecky and his startup RINGIL wants to digitize logistics

Despite the significantly growing volume of transported goods, logistics between small and medium-sized companies is outdated and inefficient. The Czech startup Ringil wants to change that. Its multifunctional platform digitizes operations in all parts of the transport process, facilitates control and automates communication. Startup is now receiving 11 million crowns from investors to launch a new era of digital logistics. The current investment round is still open, and it is possible to join it through the DEPO Angels syndicate.

The Best Startup Events Guide for 2022

The Best Startup Events Guide for 2022

Industry events or summits are a great opportunity to network and stay on top of new trends. During such events, you can meet the greatest innovators, investors looking for exceptional opportunities, and experienced professionals who just want to stay in the loop.

Transatlantic Startup Pitch

5th annual Transatlantic Startup Pitch is bringing a stars of Silicon Valley

Dozens of startups from two continents are fighting for the favor of global investors at the Transatlantic Startup Pitch event. The stars of Silicon Valley will also be involved.

Blockmate founders

DEPO Ventures invests in Blockmate, startup focusing on high-quality fin. data from crypto accounts

Traditional financial institutions are already interested in cryptocurrencies and open banking. However, there is still no place where all available information from the crypto area meets. The Czech-Slovak startup wants to change this through access and analysis of data from crypto accounts.


Looking Back on 2021: A Year in Review

Amid another year of pandemic and uncertain times, many quality startups have emerged, as well as investors who want to support innovation. That played nicely into our cards. At DEPO Ventures, we have strengthen our processes and communication so that we can achieve greater results.

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