DEPO Ventures opens another angel fund for investors. They already made three investments


The Czech investment group DEPO Ventures opens the second angel fund that will provide smart money to startups in the initial phase. It follows the successful concept from the first fund, where most investors from the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and experienced C-level managers actively participated and helped companies in their growth.

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DEPO Ventures invests in a startup that uses its technology to prevent aircraft collisions


The German startup Evitado Technologies developed a revolutionary system to prevent aircraft collisions. Their LiDAR technology can prevent damages caused by moving the aircraft on the ground.

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DEPO Ventures invests in developer of advanced speech analytics software Oxus.AI


The DEPO Ventures investment group, together with other great investors, supported the Lithuanian startup Oxus.AI, which aims to disrupt the way companies analyse and improve sales and customer support calls.

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The Engaged Investment conference hosted important  faces, offered workshops and networking

Engaged Investment Conference

Our annual Engaged Investments Conference brought many business angels and experts together. It was an amazing event and we were overwhelmed by the large number of our participants.

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We are betting on German startup Augmented Robotics. They want to create the future of toys using AR

Augmented Robotics Team

Berlin-based project Augmented Robotics aims to combine the best of both the physical and virtual worlds of games and toys. They use advanced augmented reality technology, backed by a strong passionate team with passion and a strong goal. Although the whole project is still in its infancy, it already has its first paying customers today and strong players from all over the industry are circling it.

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