5th annual Transatlantic Startup Pitch is bringing a stars of Silicon Valley

Dozens of startups from two continents are fighting for the favor of global investors at the Transatlantic Startup Pitch event. The stars of Silicon Valley will also be involved.

Transatlantic Startup Pitch

American investors are increasingly looking at European technology companies not only because of the lower valuations, but also because of the abilities of the local founders. European investors are attracted by the large American market and an attractive startup environment. The Transatlantic Startup Pitch event aims to connect the two markets. European DEPO Angels and Californian Bay Angels are holding this event for the fifth time. Partners of prestigious venture capital funds like Bill Reichert from Pegasus Tech Ventures and Gerald Pollak from 3VC and others will be featured as panelists during the event. Shawn Flynn, the host of the podcast The Silicon Valley Podcast, will be moderating the two-hour event.

Attendees can look forward to a panel discussion of four experts from the startup world. In addition to Pegasus Tech Ventures partner Bill Reichert, 3VC partner Gerald Pollak, startup coach Sam Wong and Petr Šíma from DEPO Angels will also take part. Topics will include biggest mistakes, trends, and opportunities in finding an investor in the early stages of startup. This will be followed by pitches by ten technology companies from America and Europe and questions from panelists. The prestigious intercontinental event will take place on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 at 6pm CET on the Zoom platform.

"We are excited to welcome names like Bill Reichert or Gerald Pollak at Transatlantic Startup Pitch. Bill has been interested in Europe for some time. He is one of the main promoters of the largest venture capital competition, the Startup World Cup, which also takes place here in Prague. As a 3VC partner, Gerald represents one of the few larger funds that is not afraid to invest in early startups and supports our region. I believe that they will be a great inspiration for other investors," says DEPO Ventures partner Petr Šíma.

DEPO Angels regularly organizes similar events, where investors can meet startups. Many have gained publicity, business contacts or funding from angel investors and funds. These include Bikefair, Zenoo, Beem, Augmented Robotics, Equiradar, Pulselive and Smartguide.


10 startups that will present at Transatlantic Startup Pitch:


  • DriveX - Remote vehicle verification for insurance companies using artificial intelligence. It helps automate claims settlement and detect fraudulent claims in advance. This saves insurance companies time and money.
  • Glossiq - A platform that makes it easier for beauty salons to manage the customer system, sell products or organize online events, and allows clients to book appointments, follow current trends or use augmented reality to test a new look.
  • VisionPigeon - Online shopping assistant for e-shops. The technology works with artificial intelligence and computer vision to make e-shops better recommend other products to a specific customer, thereby increasing their sales. Clients include the Zoot fashion e-shop.
  • Parcelsea - Smart mailbox for safe and contactless delivery. It consists of three parts, holds packages of different sizes, letters or grocery purchases. It is a solution for smart cities and a shared economy.
  • Reveel - A service that saves time for musicians and composers. It simplifies and automates all administration, related paperwork and administration of royalties. At the same time, it will allow you to receive royalties in the cryptocurrency and share them with co-workers.


  • Utobo - A platform that allows you to create online content, lectures, and tutorials without knowledge of coding. It gives teachers and lecturers better control over live broadcasts and simplifies communication with listeners. Helps with website and e-shop creation.
  • Apolyta - Startup, which focuses on prevention against automated attacks and security verification.
  • Baru - Focuses on the production of custom furniture. Customers can have the selected furniture adapted to their required dimensions using a simple application that can easily measure it for them. Supports local manufacturers.
  • Empiric - A software platform that displays data from various sensors in real time in an industrial environment. It allows you to analyze temperature and humidity data in one place.
  • Axle Workout - Startup, which has developed a new sports equipment, a barbell with the measurement of body fat and other functions important for effective and healthy exercise. It also offers a mobile application and online courses with various types of training activities.