The end of job dissatisfaction. DEPO Ventures invests in a startup that completely changes job searc

Most often people resign at work due to unsatisfactory corporate culture. However, companies often do not examine the match between the needs of employees and their direction during recruitment. Startup Supertalent wants to change that. It will help people looking for work to find the company that best suits them. The company has now received two and a half million Czech crowns from DEPO Ventures. The Central European startup accelerator StartupYard also invested in the startup. The current investment round is not closed yet, other investors from Europe and the USA are in play.

Tomas Zrubecky

The algorithm created by Supertalent uses artificial intelligence and clever psychometry. Based on them, they will evaluate whether the company and the candidate will match each other. It examines 343 different data points for calculations, testing common values ​​or personalities. The result is therefore not only based on previous experience but especially on the prediction of whether the candidate will fit into the corporate culture.

"We all know that the current recruitment process is not efficient and needs to be improved. However, HR is not interesting enough for investors. On the other hand, we see that there is a lot of room for innovation in this sector and we believe that Supertalent is the right solution. Supertalent already has over 100 satisfied companies and over 10,000 registered talents. Now it is looking at the American market and DEPO Ventures wants to be there," says Jan Krahulík, partner of DEPO Angels.

"We want to build a product that will fundamentally change the job search. Let's not look to the future in job portals and CVs but a completely different approach. Technology offers incredible opportunities to help people find their dream job where they are going to be satisfied, engaged, and appreciated," says Tom Zrubecký, founder and CEO of Supertalent.


Corporate experience and enthusiasm for technology

Tomáš found Supertalent based on his work experience. When looking for a job two years ago, he wanted to create a profile that would help him, based on personal values and preferences, find companies that would best fit into the corporate culture. But none of the more than a thousand visited HR portals offered such a function, so he thought he would build his own. He founded Supertalent in 2020 together with Luďek Mohr and Tomáš Hrdlička. The founders themselves invested over five million crowns in the start-up.

"We have been talking to DEPO Ventures for more than a year. We share a similar vision of a world where people look for work other than through job portals and CVs. We expect more from investors than just money in an account. We are looking for a long-term partner who will stand with us no matter what and help us realize our long-term vision, " says Tom Zrubecký.

Tom Zrubecký has been in the technological world since the school and has considerable experience. After college, he worked for the consulting company PwC. At first as a junior consultant in the technology department, but later, thanks to his interest in blockchain, he became a leading consultant for blockchain. And so it is no wonder that he later stood at the birth of the first Czech blockchain association Blockchain Connect. After a career in corporate, he joined Creative Dock, which built startups. In addition, he led a startup in Switzerland, which focused on how to prevent or cure type 2 diabetes.